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6D Helmets

Like Nothing Else. The ATS-1R Road Helmet

The ATS-1R is the culmination of the exceptional engineering capabilities of the 6D team. The goal was to build the safest street helmet in the World while providing the rider with features and benefits superior to those found in other premium helmets on the market. The ATS-1 far exceeds these goals with its exceptional energy management capabilities, quality build level, and luxurious comfort and fit.  

The Original Game Changer.  The ATR-1 Off Road Helmet

6D revolutionized helmet design with the introduction of the ATR-1 helmet, whose ODS technology set new standards in athlete brain protection.  Inspired by 6D’s work, some manufacturers have subsequently introduced technology in an effort to address the inherent flaws in traditional designs which 6D exposed. To date, none have achieved the overall performance characteristics of 6D’s ODS system. 

Raising the Bar.  Introducing The New ATR-2 With Advanced ODS.

Whats different?  The ATR-2 with advanced ODS is evolved to provide improved performance in both linear and angular acceleration mitigation, and is also easily rebuildable for a potentially longer service life.  This improves rider safety and saves you money.

6D Helmets

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