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Fitting race bodywork is a notoriously tricky business.  With many people buying cheap and heavy race fairings that crack under any stress and that have to be cut and re worked just to get them to fit, we are finding more and more people realising its a false economy and turning to us for a better quality product that will last.

We offer a huge range of motorcycle bodywork and accessories from top brands such as CRC Race Fairings, Carbonin and Motoholders.  We pride ourselves in only selling premium quality fairings but at an affordable and fair price.  Our manufacturers all work directly with racing teams to develop bodywork that fits perfectly and quickly, and offer tempting features such as quick release fasteners that have already been pre-drilled and fitted to the fairings, kevlar mounting points for added strength and super lightweight materials (which all helps with those lap times!) 

All our bodywork ranges can be bought as a complete set, which is the most cost effective method of buying fairings.  But if you are unlucky enough to crash your bike on track, we do sell front fairings, seat units and all individual panels separately so you can fix your crash damage without having to replace the whole kit.  

In our bodywork category you will also find some really trick accessories that might tempt you too.  Carbon fibre crash protection for example is a real head turner and will make you the envy of all your biking buddies.  To compliment our bodywork ranges, you can also buy rear subframes and front subframes/clock backets that are all compatible with our fairings and crash protection.